AKA Shames Bonang For Sleeping With Him Amidst Issues With DJ Zinhle


Your worst enemy can be your best friend and your best friend can be your worst enemy… the lesson never stops. Dating a rapper could be cool for all the glamours and vibes but the end usually comes with lots of public embarrassment and disgraces.

DJ Zinhle must be laughing in Hong Kong voice at Bonang right now.

AKA and Bonang Matheba‘s relationship has been over since time immemorial but the untold stories are being released in everyday rap verses of Kiernan Forbes.

Bonang is getting the shades of her life as Kairo’s father continues to tell the world the bad sides of her.

But then, I am forced to ask what’s love? Isn’t it some kind of selfish and possessive desires towards another? I love you ONLY when you are mine but once you start f*cking another… I Hate You. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much people confess love to each other only to end up hating when they loose control of the person. It simply opposes the true meaning of love which supposed to be unconditional.

In a video below, AKA can be clearly heard rapping, “Waited two years just to see you with your weave off, tell me what that say about your character, you was f*cking me when I was busy paying damages.”

And the damages in question is probably the one paid to DJ Zinhle’s family. Back in August 2015, AKA subjected himself to Jiyane family’s Zulu custom and he paid damages for impregnating DJ Zinhle.

AKA had to pay two cows and a goat. He paid cash for the second cow. The first cow and the goat were livestock.

Watch the video below.