Woman Forgets To Wear Skirt, Causes Chaos

A young woman wearing only a white shirt and panties was seen at a taxi park in northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. According to Daily Sun, the incident happened at Nquthu Taxi Rank on Tuesday evening….

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cop sleeping on duty


A VIDEO footage of a cop sleeping on duty is doing the rounds on social media. The cop, who was on night duty,  is seen sleeping peacefully on a chair while people are queuing for…



DUE to its giant height, the bonking building could be seen from a nearby children’s playground. A BIZARRE artwork which looks like two buildings having sex has been pulled from The Louvre museum in Paris…


AKA surprised me with a birthday cake: Skolopad

Skolopad may not be the sharpest tool in Mzansi’s shed, but she can sure make us laugh. This after she posted pictures of her “surprise birthday cake” on Monday claiming it was sent by none…

Husband caught on video bonking maid

A man was recently caught bonking his maid in his own house last week. The man’s wife, after suspecting her husband was dipping his dipstick in the maid’s honey pot, set up CCTV camera’s in…


PICS : #ZodwaWabantu Nude Challenge breaks the internet

Nowadays, just about anything can turn into a challenge on Twitter. So it didn’t come as a surprise when the #AmberRoseChallenge #ZodwaWabantu swept through the internet over the weekend. This after Amber Rose posted a…

Se_x with Ben 10 for 15-months costs Sangoma

WHEN SANGOMA Janet dreamt she was living in a shack, she should have known it was a warning from the ancestors. Because soon after that, her raging Ben 10 allegedly destroyed her house and stole…

son and gf

My son ran away with my girlfriend

MANDLA DEVOTED his life to taking care of his son.  Mandla also allowed his son to live with him until he found a job.  BUT MANDLA’S KINDNESS WAS REPAID WITH TREACHERY. Mandla Buthelezi (46) came…

10 Types Of Women You Should Never Marry

Nomatter how desperate you may be,never marry any of the type of women below : 1. The Chatterbox This is the woman who never shuts up, barely stopping to breathe. Seemingly only concerned about what…

funny vid

Funny video: short vs tall

You ain’t seen nothing loooooooooool……………………………………………….watch this….


Pastor Mboro claims Jesus has a “hot” Xhosa wife

Incredible Happenings Leader, Prophet Mboro, the man who made international headlines last week after his followers claimed he was ‘abducted’ by God during an Easter service and taken to heaven has stole the limelight yet…


Another Guptagate parody

If you know Deep Fried Man then you’ll know that this is bound to be funny. Have a look as he uses Drake’s Hotline Bling to solidly rip off Zuma and the Guptas. Image Credits:Youtube/MALcontent…


Free services from Durban magoshas this Easter

A group of prostitutes or magoshas is offering three days of free s_ex in celebration of Easter. The group operates from Durban’s popular nightspot, Butterworth and comprises ladies of the night from different countries. “As part of…

2 women stealing from Jet Stores bathed in paint

Two women who were caught stealing from a clothes store have received a most humiliating treatment for their act. At Jet Stores in Lusaka, Zambia, bathed two ladies in paint after they were caught stealing…

Passenger plays and watches p~orn on train!!!

What would your reaction be if porn noises suddenly started “pumping” from the laptop of the guy sitting next to you on the train? Well, Dutch prankster Daan de Ram of AttractionGymTV wanted to find…


ANC swim wear sets social media ablaze

The Johannesburg region of the African National Congress has gotten its panties in a knot after an image of a woman wearing a skimpy sexy swimsuit in ANC colours was uploaded on its Twitter account….

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Nose Picking by EFF Member Live on TV

Wow………………….. Even EFF Members of Parliament can’t seem to keep their fingers out of their noses. She examines it once finished LOL!