iCherri yami would rather use sex toys than have sex with me

sex toys

MY partner is just 23 but she has lost her sex drive to the extent that I’m lucky if we have sex once a month. I am 27.  She has sex toys which she will use to pleasure herself several times a week. They are not a problem for me but I become almost jealous that I am being left out.

My girlfriend never wants to have sex with me – I’m lucky if it’s even once a month these days
She will not let me see her naked below the waist and the room has to be dark and her face covered.

There was a time when we kissed and cuddled often. Now I have to ask for it and when I do, I am told “Later” or “I am too tired.”


Sis Boi Says:  Something happened to alter your partner’s response to sex and to being cuddled or kissed. Talk to her again, promise to listen and see if you can find out more.

If she was not getting real pleasure from sex, this could be what led to the toys as a substitute.