I’m not a diva, I just know what I want: Generations Star


Despite being one of the most celebrated actresses in South Africa, Nambitha Mpumlwana hasn’t been a “regular” on the small screen since 2016. Rumours will tell you it’s because she’s a diva, but the actress has dismissed the label.

Nambitha, who is turning 50 this year, dismissed rumours that she’s down and out and went on to address  being labelled a diva.

“I know what I want and I will not settle for less to please anyone. If that makes me a diva, so be it,” she told Drum.

Nambitha was also one of the famous Generations 16 fired over salary disputes back in 2014.

She said that she has been focused on two projects that have been taking up her time and that as far as TV was concerned, she had an international project in the pipeline.

The actress, together with Nyaniso Dzedze and Luzuko Nteleko, recently joined the cast of an American series starring US star Milan Christopher.

The series, titled About Him, is in its third season and was shot in Mzansi. The series, focused around Milan’s character and is an eight part drama series.

The show debuts February 14 but is only available on Signal 23 Television and on Sky channel 25.

Watch the video clip below:


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