Sandile Chillies Bhengu – The Whole Truth

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As family and friends continue asking questions about how Sandile  Chillies Bhengu died, GagasiFM held an interview where they asked those close to the fallen gang leader how they felt about his death.


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Facebook paints a very different picture, as most of the people mourn the loss of samone they called, “Uncle”, brother, and “friend”.





As the mega-township of Umlazi is feeling shocked, many are asking, “How did Sandile Chillies Bhengu die” ?


Many of his avid followers, family and friends are asking themselves how Sandile Bhengu died and the official police report is that he died while committing a crime. A tracker is a device that allows car-owners to be able to locate their cars in case they forget where their cars are of they get robbed. Someone out there was robbed of their car.


how did chillies die
A Chillies fan had a message for the police. Picture: Sibusiso Ndlovu/ANA Pictures

Police reports allege that Sandile  Chillies Bhengu was caught in the process of illegally removing a car tracking device from the car. It is said that it was at this time that he may have resisted arrest, that a shoot-out ensued and Sandile was killed.

He was killed during a shoot-out with police last Wednesday after he was found with a stolen Toyota Corolla. Word has it in the kasi that Sandile was a car tracker jamming specialist, and that after his associates had hijacked or stolen cars in town, he would remove the tracking devices for them.

An anonymous WhatsApp message reads:

“To all men from Umlazi, thieves are readily waiting with their guns from Wednesday. We’ll be out in full force shooting and burning car models like BMW, Corolla, Polo Vivo, Toyota Yaris, Mercedes Benz, Quantum and close off with a police van. If TRT (Tactical Response Team) is brave enough, it can come. We’ll be waiting for it. Rest in peace, soldier. We’ll not stop stealing cars.”

Captain Nqobile Gwala said they didn’t know if the message was true, or where it had come from.


How did Sandile Chillies Bhengu die
POLICE conduct a stop and go search roadblock in Umlazi on Wednesday. Picture: Dr Ngcobo, Coutesy of

To this day, no pictures have yet been released showing any gun-shot crime scene, or any photos of where the shoot-out in which Sandile was killed actually happened. Which leaves family members and friends of the the deceased Sandile Chillies having a lot of questions!
Hundreds of people came out to witness the alleged uMlazi gangster’s funeral. Picture: Sibusiso Ndlovu/ANA Pictures