Sandile Mantsoe violent to Karabo Mokoena Several Times


The High Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday heard of at least four incidents where Sandile Mantsoe was alleged to have been violent towards his on-and-off girlfriend‚ Karabo Mokoena‚ whom he now stands accused of killing.

Karabo Mokoena’s sister‚ Bontle‚ detailed how her sister informed her that Mantsoe had on one occasion beaten her.

“Karabo found Sandile with another girl in a hotel room‚” Bontle testified.

A confrontation ensued and Sandile “head-butted her”‚ she added.

Mokoena’s friend‚ Puleng Mthethwa‚ took to the stand after Bontle.

She detailed how Sandile had smashed Karabo’s phone against the wall.

“Karabo would not let him have fingerprint access to her phone. He said he would count up to a certain number and would smash it if she didn’t [accede to his request]. He counted up to that number and then took the phone from her hand and smashed it. The incident happened at Hydro Apartment where Sandile was staying at the time‚” said Mthethwa.

The second assault occurred the next day.

“The day after the phone smashing‚ Karabo went to ask Sandile if he was going to fix the phone or pay for it‚” said Mthethwa.

They were sitting on the balcony at his house when an argument over this ensued‚ Mthethwa told the court. Sandile had refused to pay for the damage to the phone.

“Karabo said the person responsible for the damage needs to fix it. He got up and pushed Karabo against the wall‚ strangling her‚” said Mthethwa‚ adding that Sandile later told her that he was frustrated by how Karabo sometimes addressed him.

Mthethwa said on another occasion‚ Sandile had attacked Karabo while she was naked.

“He opened the [bedroom] door‚ flung Karabo towards a glass table. She was naked at the time. He was telling her that she needs to go home‚” Mthethwa said.

She claimed that Sandile said he would take Karabo home and the two of them left. He came back a short while later and she walked in with her luggage behind him‚ saying Sandile had refused to take her to another friend of hers but had instead wanted to leave her on the side of the highway.