Sex toy service a first for disabled South Africans


A local online adult store is opening a new world of sexual possibility for disabled South Africans with its dedicated online service to help them find the right sex toys.

Désir said on Wednesday this came after receiving queries daily from physically challenged people.

These people live with a range of difficulties resulting from misconceptions related to their sexual health‚ something‚ the online sex toy retailer says it wants to change with its online concierge service.”

Désir said vibrators‚ lubricants‚ vacuum devices and other sex toys can make “all the difference” for disabled customers.

Customers can use the live chat function on the website or email

Désir said some of the prevailing myths about the sexuality of disabled people include that they are asexual or have no sex drive‚ but the retailer reiterated that they “can and do have healthy sex lives”.