Here is the Twit that angered the Zulu Royals


MIWAY has vowed to find the employee they claim leaked a recording of one of their agents who mistakenly called King Goodwill Zwelithini by his first name.

Rene Otto, CEO of the vehicle insurance company, said the company suspected that one of its employees could have leaked the clip to a news channel journalist, who posted it on Twitter.

This after the Zulu royal family was angry with the company for leaking the recorded discussion.

Otto said the company was investigating and it would take appropriate action as soon as they got to the bottom of it.

“The blunder was calling the king by his first name. But the king did not take offence and saw the humour in the situation when I called him to apologise,” said Otto.

In a five minute, 14 seconds clip, agent Sithembiso Sithole is heard calling someone and asking whether it was Zwelithini Zulu he was speaking to.

He then offered him car and home insurance policies at reduced premiums. King Goodwill Zwelithini asked him whether he knew who he was talking to. Sithole is then heard asking, “is that not Mr Zulu?”

The king then told him he was not Mr Zulu, but the king of the Zulus and that he was surprised that Sithole, a Zulu himself, could refer to the king by his name. Sithole is then heard apologising and saying he was not aware he was calling the king.

The king’s spokesman, Prince Thulani Zulu, said they believed the company had leaked the clip to embarrass the king.

“We also want to know where they got the king’s cellphone number.”

Mathole Motshekga, chairman of the parliamentary portfolio committee on justice and correctional services, said Miway should be reported to the information regulator for breaching clients’ confidentiality codes.


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