WHILE they are waiting for the coffin to be lowered into the grave, they can order a drink or two and drown their sorrows in style.

Nobody knows where this video was made or whose funeral it was.

While the priest was busy with the funeral service, however, just a few metres away people were relaxing and watching the service while being served with drinks.

In the video, a guy dressed in a blue suit is seen next to a table set up as a mini bar, preparing cold ones for mourners.

A neatly dressed woman walks up to the barman and places an order. She is seen a few minutes later walking away with a tray of drinks.

In front of the man is a bottle of whisky and another of champagne, as well as electric cooler boxes filled with refreshments.

Social media users had mixed reactions about the video. The majority of them complained that the dead were no longer respected.

Ntombikayise Mbatha wrote: “At least people don’t have to rush home for the after tears.

“They can start right at the cemetery! People will no longer be lazy to attend funerals because they will be getting what they love – booze!”

Makhosonke Mbatha posted that if this was a business, then it was a clever idea – but he is against people drinking at a cemetery.

Sibongile Tshabalala wrote: “Sometimes people are no longer even interested in the funeral or who died; they just want to go to the after tears, either to get free booze or walk away with a handsome date.”