EVERYBODY knows Zodwa Wabantu doesn’t wear panties but this time, with help from the wind, her punani was on display for all to see.

It made a public appearance at Workshop Centrum Park in Durban, KZN. Zodwa was among the Afrotainment artists who came to shoot Dladla Mshunqisi’s Pakisha video on Wednesday.

Her flowing white dress had a slit on either side that ran from her armpits down to her ankles.

And as the cameras started rolling the dress flew in different directions. A group of boys were seen jumping up and down with excitement.

“I don’t care what you say but that’s a punani and it’s unshaven,” said one of them.

Mlondi Khawula from Clermont said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. It kept flashing my way.”

However, Nosihle Magwaza said: “Zodwa is bold and we love her for that. But I’m disappointed with her display. I guess we’ll get used to it.”

Zodwa, who’s currently in the USA, said: “The youth is very curious. If my vagina was on display, maybe that’s what they really wanted to see.

“But I was doing my job. The dress had high slits. Anything was possible. Everyone wanted an angle no matter how hard I tried to hide. I wouldn’t show my vagina to youngsters.”

Mshunqisi said: “I didn’t expect her to come fully dressed because that’s not her. She’s known for being nude and that’s her brand. My shoot went well.”

DJ Tira said: “When she comes back I’ll sit her down. I do reprimand her and most of the time she shows remorse. I’m not expecting drastic changes but I know she’s slowly getting there.”