100s of people called “JACOB” queue at the home affairs to change their names

home affairs

When Home Affairs opened their doors yesterday, nobody was prepared for the onslaught they would face. At every branch, long lines of Jacobs were patiently waiting to change their names.

“I was named after my grandpa, but I feel he’d understand,” Jacob Ntshingane said. Behind him, Jacob Williams nodded, saying he too was changing a family name of generations. “I’m actually Jacob Williams the 6th,” he admitted.

Prefilled forms with Jacob printed on them are being distributed to offices around the country. While some are boldly opting to legally become Jakes, others are going further, with one man deciding he’d rather be called Champagne Supernova. “It’s always been a dream – I’m grateful to my president for finally giving me the nerve to do it.”

Source : ZANews