14 More Needles Removed From Young Boy, Only 5 Remaining


Addressing jounalist in Lusaka today, Dr Chilufya said the remaining 5 needles will be removed before the end of this month.

On 7th December this year, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu ordered that Richard Zulu be evacuated to University Teaching Hospital(UTH) after learning of his condition.

Health minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya, presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe, Youth and Sports minister Moses Mawere and Kasenengwa lawmaker, Sensio Banda traveled to Chipata Central Hospital to secure Zulu’s evacuation.

The team was accompanied by Specialist doctors from UTH.

About a month ago, the boy Richard Zulu was admitted to Chipata Central Hospital, severely malnaurished and at the brink of death, with foreign objects lodged in his body in a peculiar case that has left people stunned.

The foreign objects caused the boy’s body severe stress as he was unable to feed properly and hence developed a severe case of malnutrition.

His mother, 19 year old Rosemary Jere said that Richard had been a sickly child from the time he was a year old and that she has no idea how the foreign objects had found themselves in the body of the little boy.

She said that having given birth at the tender age of 16 and gotten divorced from the father of her child Jacob Zulu, her son had to constantly moved between her home and her former husband’s home and sometimes the child’s grandparents homes and hence it was difficult for her to pin point just at what stage the objects had been inserted into the child and by whom.

She said she had a strong suspicion that witchcraft was involved in the matter.

The Child who weighed 7 KGs when he was first admitted to Chipata Central Hospital where he was referred to from Naluseche Prison Clinic, now weighs comfortable 9.2 Kg.

The plane evacuating Zulu left Chipata Airport for Lusaka where the remaining 19 needles were expected to dislodged from his body.
And today 14 out of the remaing 19 have been removed and only 5 have remained