2 cops recorded buying magosha services!


The eyewitness says he was told that one of the cops in uniform was being ‘serviced’ in a nearby house.

Two SAPS members in their official uniform and using a state vehicle were allegedly caught in the early hours of Monday morning acquiring the services of se.x workers around the Marapong area in Lephalale.

According to an eyewitness, the police vehicle was parked on the side of the road when the two women approached it and started talking to the cops through the open window.

The eyewitness told Police Pics and Clips they were convinced the cops were patrolling the area but got the shock of their lives when one of the cops allegedly went inside a nearby house with one of the women.

The other one allegedly got into the vehicle and the remaining cop drove to the house the other one had been to.

The witness then followed the car, they told the specialist website.

After parking their car right behind the cops’ vehicle, two women walked out of the same house, approached the eyewitness and promised to give them a good time, saying they were “pr0stitutes”.

They further told them the officer in uniform was being “serviced” by their colleague.

Watch the video shared on the website: