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Over 20 000 people apply for a local adult film. Names leaked


THERE’S plenty of talent in the local por_nography industry, says Zwoluga Madega of Hazams TV Movie. But budget is a bit of an issue at times, according to the local po_rn director from Thohoyandou in Limpopo.

The film-maker insisted there was an abundance of actors and actresses eager to feature in his po_rn movies, so much that “I’ve had to chase away white chicks and those who wouldn’t disclose their age.

This year alone, I have received over 20 000 applications from people in South Africa. Some Zimbabweans, Malawians and Nigerians. But all residing in South Africa. I have the proof”.
“Budget is an issue because buyers want local flavour. They’re tired of seeing only white people in this industry. Po_rnography is not meant for white people only, it’s for all adults,” Zwoluga said.

“People don’t appreciate the scale of this industry. In 2014, I was verbally attacked when I wanted to release Bush Pie in Thohoyandou’s town hall. The municipality denied us access to the hall.” And Zwoluga emphasised he knew the ins and outs of “this fascinating industry”.

Said Zwoluga: “I know my job, Bush Pie#3, Banana#2, No _Sex Before Lobola 3, Big Sucks Longrun 7 and New Taste are in the market. If you Google s_ex4me, you’ll see all these productions. They were produced in Venda. The movie Bush Pie is even registered with the Film and Publication Board.

“Despite the struggles I face as a film-maker, I’m determined to see local po_rn succeed. In fact, the bad noise made by people when I wanted to launch Bush Pie in Thohoyandou hasn’t deterred me. It’s been a blessing in disguise.”

The film-maker insisted producing p_ornographic movies didn’t make him a bad person.

“I’m in the entertainment business, and my movies include romantic, horror and po_rnographic storylines,” he said.

“Currently, I’m shooting comedy and drama. Once my budget returns to normal, I’ll continue with po_rnography.”

Zwoluga, whose mainstream movies have featured big-name stars the likes of Suzan Ravuku who plays Fheli in SABC2’s Muvhango, says he gives aspiring young actors an opportunity to follow their dreams.

Source : Daily Sun