3 Students Expelled From School For Mast_urbating With A Banana,Video Leaks


3 female students from Mpumalanga (names with-held) have come under fire for their controversial footage that was recorded using a mobile phone by their fourth counterpart who is suspected to have leaked the video.
”In 2017 we are going to be more than the word strict,like seriously who does that ?The school fees is very expensive these days and parents are going through thick and thin to make the ends meet,but you find some ungrateful kids having an audacity to record and post such a disgusting act,from today onwards I don’t want to see them at my school,no matter how they will apologize”,fumed the Headmaster of the school the girls were attending.
According to a 3 minute footage which has poor sound quality,the taller and darker girl is seen plucking a banana from the tree and later begins to ‘poke’ and ‘enjoy’herself before she hands over the ‘peni_s looking fruit’ to her other ‘thirsty’ friends.
When asked to shed more light on the matter,the girls parents turned a blind eye and only said they were not prepared  to comment on the matter whilst another parent’s phone went unanswered when called.