49 Year Old Magosha Says She’s Tired Of Selling Sex In The Streets


WHEN life got tough, she started selling her body as a magosha to survive. But Terressa Mahayiya (49), who lives in Soweto, wants to quit this way of life.“Everyone knows I’m a magosha. Even the young boys call me names but I don’t care. This is how I feed myself.” Terressa has to take medicine every day.
“I’m supposed to eat before I take it, but often I don’t have food so I drink only water,” she said. Terressa said she is the eldest of her four sisters and started selling her body to help her mother.

“I left school early – I had no choice.
“I ask myself why my life turned out this way. I would have liked to have married and had a family.
I know I am pretty and have a good body but I’ve wasted all that.”
She said on a good night she makes R150 and makes nothing on a bad night. “I charge R50 per
session, but I take men who offer R20 because I am hungry,” she said.
“I use roll-on to make my face prettier because I can’t afford make-up.”
She said she is desperate for any kind of job but she can’t do a lot of walking because she has