60 year old grandpa who has sex with 5 women daily brags


MADALA Frans May (60) has the energy of a man half his age and has no problem satisfying each of his five girlfriends at least once a week – but he never takes care of them on Saturday or Sunday!

“I do my work from Monday to Friday. The weekend is when I rest!”

Madala Frans said men must not be lazy about poking. “Women are lonely and need men. They must be satisfy their women. That is a man’s work,” he said.

And he is doing more than his fair share to make women happy.

“That is why I’ve decided to have five women. I’m old, but instead of getting tired, I’m gaining more and more power.”

The madala from Khayelitsha in Mangaung said his 4-5 never lets him down. He said all the women knew about each other.

He said he has one child with one of the women and gets grant and pension money. “I make sure I share all my money with them fairly. I can’t help myself and love all of them equally.”

Does Frans want to get married? Yes, he does. He wants to marry all five of them. “One woman can’t keep me happy in bed. I plan to get married to all of them one day. I hope to save money to pay their lobola.”

Until then, he’s happy to live alone.




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