68% of South Africans want to have kinkier sex: study


With over 3,500 respondents, the Sunday Times Lifestyle Sex Survey is now one of the biggest in the country. What we’ve discovered is that South Africans are a funny bunch when it comes to sex.

As a nation with conservative underpinnings we tend to approach talk of bumping uglies the same way naughty teenagers would. We get nuggets of information, mix them with myths we’ve learnt in our repressed youths, sprinkle a healthy dose of hyperbole and then skinner about it to our friends.

Anecdotal evidence will tell you that, for the most part, we’re pretty reserved when it comes to making the beast with two backs. But the problem with anecdotal evidence is that it tends to come from unreliable sources.

For the second year in a row, we have polled South Africans to find out the truth behind our horizontal tango sessions.


Despite what all your friends, wine bottles and post break-up love songs will tell you, the single life is not all it’s cracked up to be. People in relationships are genital jousting a lot more than their unencumbered counterparts.

Of those who responded, 45% of people in a relationship reported having sex at least two to three times a week compared to 19% of singles.

The 2018 Sunday Times Lifestyle Sex Survey* shows:

  • 74% of South Africans are currently having vanilla-type (conservative) sex; but
  • 68% would like to have a spicier sex life!

In fact 10% of couples have enough energy, somehow, to knock boots on a daily basis. Only 4% of singles have the time and opportunity to get some that often.



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