7 Arrested For Killing Witches in Eastern Cape


COPS in the Eastern Cape have arrested seven people after two sisters were murdered earlier this year. The sisters were killed because it was believed they were witches.

“Such cowardly attacks on our women cannot be tolerated in our province and detectives must do all they can to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book,” Eastern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Major General Andre Swart, said in a statement.

Four men and three women were arrested. Two of them are teenagers.

The group faces charges of arson and murder after they brutally attacked and murdered the two woman aged 48 and 52-years-old and torched their home.

The attack, which took place on the evening of December 12, 2018 in Ngonyameni Village, Mount Ayliff is believed to have occurred after the deceased were accused of practicing witchcraft.

The two minors were taken to social workers for recommendations while the remaining five suspects made an appearance at the Mount Ayliff Magistrates court on December 18,2018.

“We will continue to explore other ways to educate the public against the attack of our weak and vulnerable. We will also engage other government departments to create awareness,” Major General Swart concluded.

The suspect’s next court appearance has not yet been confirmed.