THERE’S your everyday poking, and then there’s extreme poking!

MTV listed these record-making sex facts. Prepare to be amazed…

1. Most sex in a day

A porn star called Lisa Sparks is said to have poked the most people within a 24-hour period. Her record? Set in October 2004, she poked 919 men, spending 94 seconds with each one.

2. The furthest ejaculation

Horst Schultz claims to have set the record for ejaculating the furthest distance. His record is just short of six metres.

3. Longest orgasm

This amazing record has been standing for 52 years. Set in 1966, and unnamed British woman is said to have had an orgasm that lasted 45 seconds, involving 25 contractions.

4. Most orgasms in an hour

This record was set at an event in Denmark called Masturbate-a-thon, where people gather and all masturbate together.

An unnamed woman managed to have 222 orgasms in the 2009 edition of the event.

5. Biggest orgy

Japan is the country where the biggest orgy was held in 2006, when 250 couples (500 people) gathered together for a joint poke. It wasn’t an orgy in the sense that everyone had sex with each other, but each couple poked each other in the same room as the other 250.

6. Strongest vagina

A Russian gymnast called Tatyana Kozhevnikova holds the unlikely record for picking up a 14kg weight using her punani.

7. Largest 4-5

An American actor called Jonah Falcon is said to have the world’s longest 4-5. It is more than more than 34cm long when erect.