9 local slang terms explained!


Sometimes when we write about the news of the day, we use slang and that might be confusing to some readers who don’t speak the vernacular.
So here is a handy guide to help breakdown some of the terms that The Juice uses on a daily basis; with examples from popular culture, tweets and everyday life to illustrate the text where possible.
1. Ben10 – This is a young man who flirts, dates and chases older women.
A good example of this would be if say Emtee dates Pearl Thusi :

2. Blesser – When a rich man sponsors a woman. In terms of buying jewellery, trips to luxurious locations like Dubai (#Dubaitwitter) and in some circumstances university tuition. Here’s a great piece on the  topic.

3. Boss Zonke – When you’re a step ahead of everything and everyone. Think of Beyoncé dropping that album with videos, at midnight, when no one even knew that she was working on an album.
Another good example is this song by Riky Rick that took him to the top of the charts:

4. Side chick – When someone is in a committed monogamous relationship with one woman and then decides to date or sleep with another women then the second woman is called a side-chick.
A good example of this would be “Becky with the good hair.”

5. OOMF – This one is easy. It means: one of my followers. A good example would be if AKA said Cassper is OOMF. JK! They hate each other and AKA would probably never say that.  (JK: Just Kidding)
6. Nonke – You might want to look here to explain this controversial term that sparked off a Twitter war between AKA, Zinhle and everyone else caught in-between.
7. Small nyana – This is simply little. Best used in a sentence like this:

8. Mahala – If someone gives you something ‘Mahala’ they are giving it to you for free. Free like samples in the Checkers.
9. Cara Cara – A minibus taxi. That you can hail by sticking your finger down as they ride towards you on the freeway.
Over to the king of Cashtime to close us out with the best example of this term when it is used on the streets.