A Lot Of S.ex and Happiness Keeps Me Thick: Zodwa


If for some reason you’ve been wondering why Zodwa Wabantu is on the thicker side of life, then wonder no more.

The queen of the dance-floor has shed light on exactly what keeps her so nice and voluptuous these days.

According to her, “sex and happiness make a woman fat”.

In essence, Zodwa Wabantu was letting the nation know that her Ben 10 is making her very happy in life and in bed.

The love birds have been together for over four years now and Zodwa will take anyone who has anything to say about it on.

News of their relationship broke last year when a parody account claimed that Zodwa was looking for a man.

Zodwa quickly shut down that manhunt by making her relationship public and making sure that everyone knows that she is off the market.

Since then, their PDA has been on full blast, with Zodwa Wabantu showing him off on her social media pages and even taking him with to her gigs.



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