Abelungu Toyi Toyi Burning New Tyres Logs Neatly Laid On The Road

abelungu p

IT WAS a protest like no other.

Residents of Unitas Park in the Vaal took to the streets to protest against service delivery, but this time the protesters were abelungu.

Pictures of the protest surfaced on social media of the protesters with their white legs in shorts.

Logs and stones were neatly lined up to block the streets and even the tyres they burnt in the protest looked new.

The residents have allegedly had no electricity since last week so they did what kasi residents do.

And their pleas were heard.

Emfuleni spokesman Makhosonke Sangweni confirmed that the electricity was restored on Sunday.

Social media had a lot to say about it.

Moloi Moloisane praised the protesters: “I saw them at the robots next to Checkers but they were so nice! When I got closer they pushed the burning tyres to the side.”

Tshepo Dikippa from Soweto said: “This strike is like kids playing with tyres. It lacks blackness. Why didn’t they call the residents from the kasi for training?”

Sakhele Mzimba agreed.

“Let’s train abelungu how to protest. They have the right to learn and we can empower them. Amandla, abelungu!”

Sam Ntlametse joked that the protest was too nice.

“Letting people pass? Silence? No tear gas? This is pre-school level protesting,” he said.

Daantjie Sedibane asked if they knew any struggle songs.

“What songs are they singing? Do they know how to toyi toyi?”

On Twitter @DumolwakheM said: “No fire, no madolo phezulu. They still have a long way to go, these ones.”



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