AKA surprised me with a birthday cake: Skolopad


Skolopad may not be the sharpest tool in Mzansi’s shed, but she can sure make us laugh.
This after she posted pictures of her “surprise birthday cake” on Monday claiming it was sent
by none other than superstar AKA.
The SunTeam pointed out to Skolopad that the “AKA” on the card, that read “to Nonhlanhla
Qwabe AKA Skolopad” probably meant “also known as”, but she insisted that it meant nothing
else except that the cake was from the man himself.
Her posts had her followers in stitches, as the socialite of the year and Drama Queen nominee
for the Feather Awards showed a sequence of events with her special cake
Black Twitter gave the green cake with a tortoise at the bottom and the words “34 years” a
big thumbs down.
But that didn’t stop the Kwaito musician from Lesotho from having her cake and eating it too.

Speaking to Daily Sun, Skolopad said she woke up pregnant from the ugly “kuku” as she
called it.
“I didn’t expect to receive a cake as my birthday was on Friday, but yesterday I got a cake
from AKA,” she claimed.
Asked if she didn’t get the message mixed up, she said she was confident the cake was from
“I don’t know why he bought it, but thanks to AKA,” she said.
Skolopad said Twitter fans thought she would not enjoy the cake when they criticised it, but
that she thoroughly enjoyed it along with her children.
Skolopad took to Twitter before going to bed, and later tweeted that she woke up pregnant
from AKA’s cake.
“Good night guys, u really made my day. Felt like my bday was today. Love you all
dimpentje,” was her Twitter post before she slept.
“I think m pregnant,” she tweeted the next morning.
When asked by Daily Sun what that meant, she giggled and said she simply ate the cake.
Seeking comment from AKA, he told Daily Sun not to call him again



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