ANC Sells Mzansi To China


Following the recent dealings between the ruling party and the chinese government, South Africa is on the verge of collapse.The worst thing is even if the ANC loses the election next year, the next party is stuck with them and the massive debt to China.Now they can stop blaming white people for all their problems.

The ANC has confirmed that a number of its staff members will be trained by Communist Party of China officials ahead of next year’s elections.

According to a report by the Sunday Times, secretary-general Ace Magashule stated at a recent elections communications strategy workshop that this would include a large number of the party’s communications staff.

In addition, more than 300 officials who will undergo training at the Communist Party leadership training academy, he said.

“He said we could learn a lot from the Chinese on issues of strategy and propaganda; that is why they are bringing officials from the CPC to South Africa,” said an insider who attended the meeting, and asked not to be named.

The ANC is looking East and bringing in the Chinese to provide lessons on propaganda and discipline ahead of the 2019 general poll, which is considered the governing party’s  most testing election since 1994.

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule told the party’s communicators at a strategy workshop held at Luthuli House two weeks ago that they were bringing officials from the Communist Party of China to help the ANC sharpen its communication machinery.

The ANC sent a massive delegation to the CPC last month, led by Magashule. The governing party will also be sending 300 of its cadres to the CPC’s training academy to learn about party discipline and loyalty.

“He said we could learn a lot from the Chinese on issues of strategy and propaganda,” said an insider who attended the strategy workshop at Luthuli House.

ANC spokesman Pule Mabe confirmed that the party was looking at the CPC for assistance, but said it was not necessarily taking propaganda lessons from the Chinese.

Mabe noted that from time to time it did send members to the party school in China, but in this instance Magashule was merely talking about boosting cooperation between the two countries, and that the partnership would extend beyond the elections.

However the Sunday Times highlighted that it was not made clear exactly what lessons the ANC seeks to learn from China – as the country is a one-party state.

It added that under the CPC there is limited media freedom, with the state controlling mainstream media.

These concerns were echoed by ANC elections head Fikile Mbalula, who told the Sunday Times that the party could learn nothing from the CPC in terms of propaganda and strategy.

“Why would we look to China for propaganda when they are an undemocratic state?” he said. “Our relationship with China is about strengthening ties in building a new world order.”



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