‘Babe, you need to stop!’ – Simphiwe Dana slams Cassper over fan clapback


Cassper may have been living his best life overseas last week but Twitter brought him back down to reality over the weekend after he claimed his travels had taught him that Mzansi is only good at dragging each other down.

Cassper has been a target of hate for several years and reflected on this while traveling back into the country on Saturday.

In a tweet he wrote: “White people live comfortably in the most expensive parts of the world. America and Europe. They are 400 years ahead. We are supposed to be catching up,” before suggesting that Mzansi only each other down.

Cassper deleted the tweet but still made his feelings known through another tweet with a similar message.

Well Cassper saw flames for the comments with many labeling him “ignorant and fake humble”.

Songbird Simphiwe Dana got wind of the mess Cassper had left on social media with his tweets and took to Twitter to address him

Simphiwe added that she knew Cassper was the target of hate but said she was worried about the star alienating his fans.

“I also get frustrated. People can come at you sideways especially on social media. The black community is wounded. Everywhere you go. I just don’t like him alienating his fans. I admire his success.”

Afternoon Express presenter Bonnie Mbuli also slammed Cassper, reminding him that it was his fans who spent their money filling up stadiums he brags about.Meanwhile the streets were filled with memes and messages from people wanting to cancel their subscription to the Cassper supporters club.