Battle of the 4-5s between KZN and Limpopo guys


THE stage is set for the battle of the 4-5s between KZN and Limpopo guys.

According to comedian Mashabela Galane, big size Durex Play Very Cherry is for guys from Limpopo – the small size Durex Play Saucy Strawberry is for KZN gentlemen.

In his latest video, Mzansi’s number one vernacular comedian ridicules Zulus, saying they have small 4-5s.

He talks about his show, to be held at Carnival City in July. He’s seated in front of a table.

He takes out a small size gel and says Zulu men should use it to pleasure women.

He then takes out a huge size gel and says that’s what one should use if they are from Limpopo. Some people thought it was funny, others thought it was disrespectful.

Mthokozisi Xaba said: “Uyadelela uMashabela.

“There are men from Limpopo with smaller sizes and bigger sizes, just as Zulus can have both sizes.”

Darling Maluleke said: “Eish, my bro. You’ve started a fight with the wrong people. But that was funny.”

Mashabela saidit’s no more than a joke. He said his upcoming show will be about sex.



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