Benny “President” Mayengani’s Epic “FillUp” Fail


The hashtag #FillUpPeterMokabaStadium is currently trending on Twitter, however, not because the event is an epic success.

Instead it is trending because the event is a ‘total disaster’; this is according to event goers who are tweeting about their dissatisfaction with the whole event.

Tsonga traditional music icon Benny “President” Mayengani successfully hosted #FillUpGiyaniStadium in Limpopo last year. The event did so well that Cassper Nyovest felt that he should trade mark the term “fill-up”. The rapper felt like Benny was riding on his idea.

Today, the music icon is hosting #FillUpPeterMokabaStadium in Polokwane, Limpopo, but things don’t seem to be looking good. It seems like Benny’s luck has run dry after his massive ‘fill-up’ success last year.

Many of his fans have taken to social media to express the disappointment.

“Our R150 down the drain like that”.

“it’s past 9 and still outside, what a total fail, very disappointed and angry crowd”.

“been here since 13:00 it is 18:00 and gates still not opened, we are pissed and already tired, selling the tickets and going back home, this is nonsense”.

This could be a case of poor event marketing or maybe poor timing, since most people are in Moria for the Easter weekend. Either way, they stadium wasn’t full and people were unhappy. This is every artists nightmare.