Boity Thulo “Owning Her Own Throne” In Love With A Businessman


2018 saw Boity Thulo’s star rise even higher as she launched her career as a musician. But it was her love life that caught the attention of many, with Boity finally admitting that she was in a relationship with a mystery businessman.

“He might tap into the industry through business, but he’s not a musician or actor. The timing of the relationship is great and the pace is balanced,” she said in an interview with Drum magazine.

Boity’s catch-phrase ‘own your throne’ has become linked to the star, who is determined to stay positive and happy no matter what comes her way.

Despite speculation that she had a ghostwriter for her track, Wuz Dat, Boity didn’t fall into the anger trap, and laughed off the hate.

“Why won’t people just let me be great,” she said.

And if her Insta posts are anything to go by, Boity has earned her happiness crown in 2018.