Boity’s Uber Driver Plays “I Wasn’t Ready For You” On Repeat!


Boity Thulo’s Uber ride turned into a shady trip when her driver insisted on playing Casper Nyovest’s single, Wasn’t Ready for You – on repeat!

That would not be particularly strange except Cassper is Boity’s ex-boyfriend.

Boity took to Twitter to tell her followers about her awkward ride.

“My Uber driver is playing Wasn’t ready for you on repeat. Banna, people are so hectic! I think he wants me to say something. *claps once*,” she tweeted.

Cassper reportedly wrote Wasn’t Ready For You for Boity, making the driver’s behavior absurd. Boity Thulo’s Uber driver played the song Casper Nyovest dedicated to her on repeat… extra shady.

“It’s been a year since we broke up/ And half of it I wasn’t sober/ We were one with each other then, when we spoke we spoke us / But I became a loner, started neglecting your love,” he raps on the song.
The rapper seemed amused by Boity’s tweet

“I stan a Legend!!!!!,” he teased.



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