Bonang Attacked By Tweeps For “AKA Kissing Throwback”


Bonang Matheba is unbothered by all the hate she is receiving for sharing an old video of her 30th birthday celebration that features a clip of her kissing AKA.

Queen B shared the video to inform her social media followers that the pink Gert-Johan Coetzee dress she wore on the night is currently on display at Sandton City Shopping Centre.

South Africaโ€™s media darling also shared the video on Instagram.

AKA and Bonang broke up in late 2017 โ€“ several months after the pair celebrated her R500k birthday bash.

The rapper is back with his baby mama, DJ Zinhle, who dumped him in 2015 after finding out he had an affair with Queen B.

Bonangโ€™s decision to leave her ex-boyfriend in her throwback video, when she could easily have cropped him out, has left her haters fuming.

โ€œBonangโ€™s insta story kissing AKA was very unnecessary,โ€ one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: โ€œAlways with pettiness. I bet she comes from a broken family fokok sefebe.โ€

Some social media users accused Bonnag of being jealous because AKA and Zinhle are happy in love.

โ€œZinhle and AKA are happy leave them alone, you had your chance with him itโ€™s OVER. Get over it and stop posting him.โ€

Some tweeps defended the 31-year-old, saying it is just a video advertising her dress.

โ€œSo this means AKA must crop out Bonang from The World is Yours video? Yol are exhausting suka (sic),โ€ one Twitter user wrote.