SCHOOLS are places of learning and nothing else.
But two teachers at this secondary school in Kaalfontein near Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, have taken extracurricular activities to the next level.
They were allegedly found bonking their brains out in the school’s sick room.
Now other teachers are complaining that this has affected staff and pupils’ morale.
One of the concerned teachers at Kaalfontein Secondary School claimed many people knew about the two teachers’ behaviour but were keeping quiet because one of the teachers involved is very senior.
“They were caught by a security guard doing their thing in the sick room after hours,” said the teacher.
“That room is meant for ill pupils, not for bonking.
“They must go and do it elsewhere.”
It is alleged a pupil also saw the teachers having sex.
“Imagine what that has done to the child,” the teacher told Daily Sun.
“She saw two elders having sex at school.
“We cannot allow this to continue.”
Gauteng education spokesman Steve Mabona
said they were concerned about the allegations.
He said officials would be sent to the school to investigate.
“This is a serious allegation and if found to be true, the department will not hesitate to take appropriate action.
“We request teachers to refrain from all types of misconduct and focus on teaching,” said Mabona.