A boozing night by a young couple ended with the tragic death of one of them.

The lovers, together with the woman’s two brothers, had gone partying at a tavern in Polar Park kasi, Mthatha.

“After partying in the early hours of Monday morning, we went to my boyfriend’s shack,” the girlfriend told Daily Sun.

“We lit a candle and continued drinking.

“I think all four of us passed out. I was woken up by flames near the door.

“I jumped out the window, which was also on fire.

“My brothers were already outside and when I asked them about my boyfriend, they said he wasn’t outside.”

She said for some reason they assumed he had gone back to the tavern.

But when they went to the tavern to look for him, they couldn’t find him.

She said neighbours came out to try and kill the fire, but it was just too strong.

“We all waited for it to die and went inside the shack to assess the damage,” she said.

Sadly, they found her 25-year-old boyfriend burnt beyond recognition.

The girlfriend, who still had serious burn wounds, said she was devastated.

“I cried so much I didn’t even feel my wounds,” she said, holding back tears.

Neighbour Nomangesi Mlambisa told the People’s Paper they were shocked to learn that a man had died.

“We are worried that the same thing could happen to us, because we use candles in this area,” she told the People’s Paper.

Police spokeswoman Captain Dineo Koena said a case of arson was opened, and cops were investigating.



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