Boyboy Took His Own Life Shocks Family


IT COULD be that the going was getting tough for him after he lost his job.

A neighbour told Daily Sun Boyboy felt hopeless as things weren’t going his way.

His family apparently tried to help him find a job, but months went by without any luck.

After many unsuccessful attempts, it all got too much for Boyboy Mbhele (33) and he took his own life.

His neighbour found him hanging from the garage roof rafters at his home in KwaMashu C section, north of Durban.

Boyboy’s uncle Kwi Mbhele (55) said he wasn’t sure why Boyboy killed himself.

“He didn’t say anything to us. He also didn’t leave a note to explain why he decided to end his life.

“But it could be linked to the fact that he lost his job and couldn’t support his four children.”

Kwi told Daily Sun they wanted to focus on the funeral arrangements and would find out later why Boyboy had killed himself.

A neighbour said Boyboy had been very depressed after he lost his job.

“But when we asked him what the problem was, he’d tell us he was fine. A few days before he killed himself, he was so down,” said the neighbour.

KZN cops spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed that an inquest docket was being investigated by KwaMashu police after a man was found hanging.



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