My boyfriend and i are having problems and my Ex wants me back. What do I do?


I am currently in a 9 month long relationship. My boyfriend is going through some tough times but finds it hard to talk to people he’s close to and hasn’t really spoken to me now for around a week.
It’s only recently we had a break due to his problems and since we got back together things haven’t been the same. It is a regular thing that me and a group of my friends meet up at our local pub and my ex is one that joins us.
I have started to become closer to him again and he has admitted that he has never gotten over me. My head is all over the place and this news hasn’t helped.
He was my first love and with everything that’s going on I don’t know what to do. I have really fallen in love with my boyfriend but he just seems to be pushing me away. Maybe you could advise me in some way