Bushiri In Danger : Linked To Killing Of People With Albinism In Malawi To Get Blood Of Jesus


Police are investigating a link between the killing of people with albinism in Malawi and the blood that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has started selling as a new product in his spiritual machinations, disclosed Malawi Independant.
Sources within the police establishment have whispered to Malawi Independant they have been tipped that the blood being sold as the blood of Jesus by the self glorifying prophet is costing the lives of albinos in Malawi.
“The investigation will try to see whether there is indeed a connection,” said the police source who is part of the investigative team.
“The coincidence is very interesting indeed. The introduction of blood as a product in his spiritual schemes comes at a time when people with albinism are missing or being killed outright,” he added.
The Daily Times newspaper of South Africa wrote last week that he founder and leader of ECG ministries Prophet Shepherd ‘Major 1’ Bushiri has launched the “blood of Jesus” which is being sold in 500ml and 750ml plastic bottles.
One congregant who confessed to be a loyal member of ECG ministries revealed that the blood heals every calamity and problems.