Can I Get a new boyfriend – Current One Wants To Use Condoms


After 20 months of having seex with this guy without condoms, has three kids, single and now all of a sudden he wants to use condoms, he says that he is concerned about pregnancy.Which is fine, but why is he worried about that after 20 months ?? I think its more than being worried about pregnancy. Mind you he is only my seex partner. Please help. Thank youWe asked the guy and he said,

My girlfriend wants me to stop using a condom.

My girlfriend is on the birth control pill–and has been for some time. We normally use a condom during seex, but she’d like me to stop. I’m a bit paranoid about this, and I’m not sure whether it’s a valid concern or a holdover from the scare videos in my school seex education classes. I’m 30, and I should be old enough to handle something like this… but I’m not sure what to do.



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