#CashInBananas For Prisoners Trending on Social Media


BANANAS have always been known to be good for your health.

But according to Correctional Services spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo, inmates also use them to smuggle money into prisons.

He said this led to new rules requiring prisoners to eat food brought by visitors.

Photos of cash being smuggled in bananas recently started circulating on social media.

Nxumalo said: “Over the years, the department has had to deal with several incidents of security breaches, ranging from escapes to the introduction of illegal goods.

“Different tricks are used to smuggle various objects into jails.

“This may involve the use of bananas, shoes or toiletry items. We are continuously using different methods to search inmates.”

Nxumalo said ensuring safety and security in the country’s 243 correctional centres was an ongoing challenge.

“This is because those who are hell bent on committing crime are continuously developing new strategies.”



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