Cassper & Boity split rumours a hoax

Cassper and Boity reunite

Johannesburg – It’s the question on everyone’s lips: Are our favourite couple, Cassper and Boity, still an item?
Ever since the couple announced that they were dating last year, their romance has constantly been plagued with rumours.
The pair have denied any reports of a breakup, but after they failed to arrive together at the Metro FM Music Awards this past weekend, fans have once again taken to social media to debate whether they’re still an item.
We investigate what has happened over the last few weeks in an attempt to decipher if there’s any truth to the rumours.
Boity admits that being so public with her romance was a mistake
When Boity sat down with Gareth Cliff on his CliffCentral show in January, she revealed that she might have made a mistake by allowing her romance with Cassper to become so public.
“It was a big mistake,” she said. “I had never gone public with a relationship at all. This was the first one. I have always tried to leave it at speculation rather than be out there, so I really had to think it through. But in your mind you’re like ‘you know what, if I’m going to do it than I might as well not be afraid of showing it’ because in your mind, you’re thinking you’re sticking to it for the long run. The public has never been our friend,” she added.
‘Our careers are the only thing that would get in the way’
In the same interview, Boity told Gareth the couple were “fine” but that Cassper’s work had meant they did not see each other as much as they wanted. In fact, they were seeing each other “way less” than they had hoped.
Rating their relationship a 7 out of 10, Boity said: “It feels like we’re in it for the long run. We just know what’s going to slow it down, and it’s not what people say. The only thing we know for a fact is that our careers are the only thing that would get in the way.”
The couple-shots dry up
There was a time late last year when snaps of the pair and tributes to each other were all we saw on their social media pages. But shortly after snaps of their baecation last year filled the net (see those snaps here), the only pictures we saw of the couple were when they were dispelling breakup rumours.
Of course, the couple shared a moment when they were snapped together on the set of Club 808six weeks ago…
But when Cassper returned to the set recently, there was a Nadia-Nakai-sized gap between them. Strictly business?
Boity gushes over Cassper in latest TV interview
When Boity appeared on’s The Close Up recently she couldn’t help but gush over Cassper. Sure, the interview was shot when the couple’s romance was at its most public, but Boity still took to social media to encourage fans to watch the show, knowing her comments about Cassper were in it.
Cassper refers to ‘his girl’ at the Metro FM Music Awards after-party 
The breakup mill once again sprung into action this past weekend when it appeared that Boity and Cassper did not walk the Metro FM Awards Black Carpet together. But while fans were still dissecting what that meant for their future, Cassper took to Snapchat at the after-party to share a video of his “girl” being swarmed by fans.
Fans beg Cassper to reassure them after ‘when I see her’ post
But if that message was quite clear, the next was a lot more ambiguous.
Taking to Instagram this week, Cassper posted a snap of himself tight-lipped, with the caption: “When I see her.”

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When I see her

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We know that “her” could be referring to anyone, or anything in the world but fans took the opportunity to ask Cassper to come clean on whether the couple were still together. He replied! Just not to those particular comments. Bummer.
Both camps refuse to comment
Of course, the only people in the world who know the truth about the rumours are Boity and Cassper, and unfortunately they are not sharing.
When The Juice contacted both Boity and Cassper for comment this week, we were told by both camps that they do not want to comment on their personal lives. Damn.
So, we guess like an episode of DragonBall Z, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.
Source: The Juice