Celebrities Who Had $EX With Nicki Minaj…………..damn, number 1 will shock you

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Damn girl you gotta slow down a little………..
Not only has the rapper compared her V_igina lips to Kylie Jenner’s lips  recently, the rapper has also been very active in the sack with it, making sure its in tip top shape. Check out the list below of the allegged s_ex partners that have romped it with the hip hop queen.

#5 August Alsina

nicki and agust alsina
The New Orleans crooner is a known ladies man, and many believe he got the green light with Nicki Minaj.

#4 Gucci Mane

gucci manne and nicki
The rapper’s claim that he got it in with the Queen of Pink went denied by her, but we tend to believe Gucci, not sure why.

#3 Meek Mill

meek mill and nicki

safaree samuels and nicki
Her long-term boyfriend had to be hitting the spot to claim her as his lady for that long, right?

#1 Zac Efron

zack efron and nicki
That is, if you believe newly surfaced reports that he shared a steamy and s_exual night with the hottest female rapper alive.
Source:Mobile Likes