Child Reported Missing But Just Hiding


PANIC gripped the kasi when Shanaila Zunguze went missing on Sunday afternoon.

Her dad reported the eight-year-old girl missing and soon cops and residents were in the streets searching for her.

But after hours of searching the entire kasi in Tarlton near Mogali City, Gauteng came up empty-handed. That was until someone decided to have a look under the girl’s bed!

And that’s where the little girl was found – safe and sound.

It’s reported that Shanaila said she was hiding because she hadn’t attended to some of her chores.

Police spokesman Lucky Matome said the girl was found on Monday at about 5pm.

“The family found her under her bed. When we asked her why she was hiding, she told us that she was scared her dad was going to spank her.”

Matome said residents had told cops on the day of the search that they had seen the child leaving the house and that’s why a search party was dispatched.

“We are happy that she was found unharmed. The family was very happy as well.”

Matome said: “We call upon community leaders to always exercise caution when dealing with issues of missing kids. The family went to the community committee but they ill-advised them by saying they shouldn’t report it to the cops.

“If people seek assistance from the committee about issues, including criminal elements, the committee should advise them to report such matters to the cops.

“We are fortunate that the child is safe, but the situation could have been worse.”

Shanaila’s dad couldn’t be reached for comment at the time of going to print.



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