Commuters trash Metrorail staff cars after train disruptions


The train service company says the growing behaviour of vandalising assets would lead to total service suspension if it continues.

Metrorail said on Friday that a protest erupted, resulting in 15 private cars belonging to train crew members being damaged at its depot in Soweto, after the train service between Naledi and Johannesburg was disrupted in the morning due to overhead catenary wires which were stolen from the Inhlanzane area.

Metrorail said 15 private cars belonging to train crew members were damaged at its depot in Soweto. Picture: Metrorail

Picture supplied by Metrorail

Goodman Matampi, acting provincial manager of Gauteng Metrorail, said it was unfortunate that they had to temporarily suspend the Naledi train service until further notice as the train crew has to emotionally deal with the shock of vandalised personal belongings.

“This negative growing behaviour in commuters of vandalising assets is condemned in strongest possible terms and will, unfortunately, lead to total service suspension if it continues,” Matampi said.

Matampi said a diesel locomotive had been arranged from Braamfomtein to pull trains out of the section with no power at Naledi.

He said arrangements for buses were also underway for loyal monthly and weekly ticket holders to assist them with alternative transport between Naledi and Midway stations.

Picture supplied by Metrorail

In a separate corridor, Metrorail said trains running between Pretoria and Pienaarspoort were turning back at Eestefabrieke Station on Friday morning due to cable theft at Greenview.  Metrorail technicians were in the affected areas assessing damages with a view to start replacing stolen cables.



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