Confession: Uncle broke my virg,inity


Ok.So one day I had to stay home with my uncle.

He came out of his room naked. I was like what the hell r u doing! I started to get a little h0.rny. I said u know I’m not wearing any underwear.

He’s like really let me see. So I took off my pants and sure enough I didn’t have any on.

We started to kiss and he ripped of my shirt and bra. He pushed me on the floor. He started to hump me. It hurt cuz I was still a vir.gin. So I was still tight down there.

I was staying the night so we slept together. Well we really didn’t sleep if u know what I mean!

We were still sleeping when my parents came and saw us together in bed naked! They were so pissed. I explained what happened but they were still angry. I told them I wanted to and it wasn’t his fault. I still continue to sneak out of the house at night to see him and sometimes I skip school.

I have a child that is his. I was only 16. I’m now 17. I love my uncle and when I visit him we have a rule of no clothes on in the house. This is the best life ever