CrazyCoconut: Police test unknown substance after 14 hospitalised


An unknown substance nicknamed “crazy coconut” has landed 14 people — including young adults and school children — in hospital since Sunday.

Police said the youngest person to be hospitalised is 14 years old.

The substance — which has been sent to forensic laboratories for analysis — is visually similar to marijuana and is reportedly sold from tobacco, tuck, and adult shops.

The product was mainly found in Pretoria West, Pretoria Gardens, Daspoort, and Hercules.

Police spokesperson Captain Augustinah Selepe said the 14 people have been discharged from hospital.

“An inquiry has been opened pending the forensic outcome of the tests,” said Selepe.

Parents have been urged to report any suspicious packages they see.

They are also encouraged to speak to kids about the risks of using any type of drug or any unknown substance, whether illegal or not.



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