Crowdfunding campaign soars over R500k for hero petrol attendant


A crowdfunding campaign for petrol attendant Nkosikho Mbele whose act of kindness warmed hearts across South Africa has raised more than R282,000 to help his family in Cape Town.

Mbele paid R100 out of his own pocket to top up the tank of a motorist who stopped for fuel but had forgotten her bank card while driving to Cape Town. He was worried that she would be stranded on a notorious stretch of highway if she ran out of fuel.

Monet van Deventer, an account manager, shared the heartwarming story of her encounter with Mbele in a post on Facebook, saying it had given her hope for the future of the country.

Monet van Deventer.

There was a massive response to the post on Facebook.

“It was God’s doing, all of this. I feel like I’m dreaming. I’m shocked. I’m positive about us. As ordinary people, we can bring a change to life. You see, I was no one, but out of this small thing, the way that people who don’t even know me can see me…” said Mbele

Apart from returning to the petrol station to repay the R100 and thank Mbele, Van Deventer started a crowdfunding initiative, hoping to raise R100,000 by the end of June.

“Thank you Nkosikho for giving me hope for South Africa. May Jesus bless you. Since Nkosikho saved my life I would love to do something in return for him,” she said on BackaBuddy.

“His two children, mom and brother live with him in Khayelitsha and he will really benefit from any donations.”

Nkosikho said he would also like to help children on the streets.

The initiative had raised in excess of R282,000 before 11am on Sunday.



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