Dad makes a living as a male MAGOSHA to support his kids


Zwe (38) is a God-fearing man who goes to church on Sundays.
And he has a good reason to thank the Boss upstairs, who endowed him with a good, hard-working 4-5 and lots of charm.
That’s because Zwe is bagging lots of money as a male prostitute who gives lonely, rejected women – and wives – bang for their buck!
“I charge R500 for two hours. The first hour is spent on foreplay and the rest on sex.
“My customers don’t pay me to ejaculate, but to make them reach orgasm!” he said.
“All the women compliment me after our sessions and are eager to come back for more. It’s because I go all out and make them feel loved.
“Some men spend almost two months without touching their wives – and that’s where I come in!”
Zwe, who asked not to publish  his surname, said his path to becoming a male magosha started when he went through an ugly divorce eight years ago.
A teacher by profession, Zwe, who is originally from Matatiele in KZN, left his job hoping to get another one in Limpopo. After months of job hunting with no success, he began to sleep with women who afterwards gave him money to thank him for giving them a good time. Zwe said that’s when he realised he could make a living as a male prostitute and support his kids, one of whom is at university.
Charming Zwe said he now has a stable client base and that he always uses protection. “Clean ladies from all races and sizes are welcome, but only 19 years and older,” he said.
“God gave me this good body and a nice 4-5, so I’m using it to make a living and support my family.
“No one should judge me.”