Dancer accidentally sets crouch on fire during performance


We’ve seen a whole lot of insane and hilarious viral videos make their way onto the internet recently – like when American comedian Kat Williams punched a teenager or that infamous fake laugh by former soccer player Jabu Pule.
We’ve seen yet another weird video that has us shocked and confused at the same time.
During a dancehall competition, a dancer who goes by the name of Fire Gyal Flexi, shockingly set her crotch on fire in an attempt to impress the audience.
It was all fun and games until she realised that she could not douse the fire out after pouring too much Isopropyl alcohol on herself.
Thankfully, onlookers rescued her toasting pubic hairs before things got even worse.
According to TMZ, Fire Gyal Flexi suffered first degree burns and lost layers of skin.
What shocked us the most is that even though her flower had suffered tremendously, the dancer pressed on and continued.
Who on earth burns their crotch and goes right back to dancing as if nothing happened?

Fire Gyal Flexi not only walked away with a trophy and $500 (R7,537.85c) she has also been put through to the next international round of the competition – set to take place in Jamaica.
We guess a fiery passion for dancing will take you a long way these days.
Guys, please don’t try this at home in the name of fame.
Source: Zalebs