#Datemyfamily Kabelo is wasting our time


We don’t know if #Datemyfamily Kabelo was really looking for a date or looking for a way to become famous, either way he succeeded.

When we first saw the #Datemyfamily clip of Kabelo last week, we not only thought it was funny, but also thought that the show would once again give us another interesting episode.

However, what we watched on Sunday evening was not cute nor funny at all. If anything, it was borderline disrespectful. #Datemyfamily viewers were introduced to a young bachelor by the name of Kabelo who, according to him, was in search of a girlfriend. However, his actions said the complete opposite.

Apart from blatantly telling families and viewers that men need to have more than one woman to satisfy them, he also went overboard with his numerous blatant lies. The bachelor was not only disrespectful, but he was also quite rude to almost all of the families he went on a date with.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was how disrespectful he was towards one of t parents.