Deadline For Old Sassa Card Is Upon Us


THE final deadline for changing from the old white Sassa card to the new gold card is days away.

With only two weeks left, the Black Sash is urgently calling on social grant beneficiaries, people receiving child grants, disability grants and old age grants, to not waste time.

They need their new gold Sassa cards before 15 December.

The cards can be obtained at either post offices or Sassa offices.

The Black Sash said it was very important, because beneficiaries would not be able to access grants in January with their old white cards.

National advocacy manager Hoodah Abrahams-Fayker said: “Beneficiaries should also not give out their ID or pin numbers to anyone making so-called special offers.”

If sassa card holders struggle to get their new sassa card they can call the Black Sash helpline at 072 663 3739.

  • Social grants for December were paid this Wednesday. This applied to beneficiaries who collect grants from ATMs and stores.