Desmond Dube on how he’s managed to stay in the industry for so long


Desmond Dube, a comedian who has brought so much laughter in the households of many South Africans throughout the years.

Some of us may know him from his heydays as a young actor on shows like Suburban Bliss, but many of us began taking him more seriously when he introduced his comedy show, Dube on Mondays back in the early 2000’s.

We rate this show right up there with other entertaining shows such as the Pure Monate Show and more.

Just like Somizi and a few other entertainers, Dube has managed to stay somewhat relevant in the industry, and it’s all thanks to his talent and his honesty towards his craft.

Longevity in the entertainment industry is something many entertainers struggle with, you could be relevant today and irrelevant tomorrow, therefore mastering the ability to remain in the industry and continue to receive jobs is quite impressive.

Speaking to Move Magazine Dube explained how his managed to stay so long within the entertainment industry

Dube mentioned that his main strategy is to always identify what the market is missing and capitalize on that by producing it for the audience.

“As performers, we must create work by perfecting our own craft. I really love what I do. I believe that I shouldn’t be on TV if I am not going to bring something new. When I got into the industry I told myself that I would always bring growth and continue to be creative,” says the comedian.

He also believes his success derives from the great support he’s been receiving from his family, especially from his wife of 15-years.

Main Image Credit: Facebook/DesmondDube